Banner Advertising Sales - Terms and Conditions
Last updated January 6, 2012

Terms and Conditions Of Sale:  
Advertising with will begin on date order is paid via paypal, check or money order and will expire 365 days from start date. Payment  for such services  acknowledges that I,  the purchaser, understand and agree to the following:
(1) that my advertising is for a one year period, 
(2) that my banner ad will run until end the of advertising period or until I cancel the advertising,
(3) that once my  directory listing banner has been published and posted online, has delivered my advertisement digitally, and
(4)  that I  understand that ALL SALES ARE FINAL and that makes NO guarantees or warranties, expressed or implied as to results, sign-ups from advertising,  visitors or leads,
(5)  that I further understand  that there will be NO REFUNDS granted regardless of the situation and,
(6) that I am advertising at  my own free will and agree to hold harmless and/or dba Network Marketing Today . 

 Renewal Option: I further understand that my advertising renewal date is 365 days from start date and that I have the first right of refusal on or before your anniversary date to renew said advertising. I  will be able to renew my banner Logo link(s) for $179.00 per year for the company in the states which I am currently contracted for. A 30 day notice to renew will be sent via email and a final notice 5 days before your anniversary date. Failure to renew will allow the link to be sold to someone else after your banner advertising period has expired.

Changes and Modifications:
I understand and agree that if I  change companies or need to change my  url/web address,  banner graphics, email address nominal fees might apply.  There are no fees or charges for modifications during the first 10 days of my advertising.

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